Our Mission

Our mission is to impact the lives of women and men facing pregnancy related challenges by offering hope through medical, educational, emotional, spiritual and material support.


Embrace Clinic & Care Center Should Be Your First Call.

Before you make any decision, it is of the utmost importance to confirm you have a viable, intrauterine pregnancy ~ that is, that you are not experiencing a miscarriage (20-25% of all pregnancies end in a natural miscarriage) nor an ectopic pregnancy (where the fetus implants outside of the uterus, which can be dangerous for you).

Pregnancy tests cannot detect either of these cases.  Ultrasound is the best way to confirm that you have a viable, intrauterine pregnancy.  Embrace Clinic & Care Center offers free ultrasound so that you can know for sure if you even need to make a pregnancy decision.

If a viable, intrauterine pregnancy is confirmed, our free ultrasound exam will determine the gestational stage of your pregnancy. This information is important to you since the gestational stage of your pregnancy determines the type and cost of the abortion you would be considering.

Our medical clinic is staffed with licensed professionals and a caring staff who specialize in serving women with pregnancy concerns. They are poised to offer you the quality care you deserve. We offer you a safe, nonjudgmental haven in which to explore your options. Because all of our services are free, we do not profit in your decision and that means no pressure on you. Ready to talk? We’re ready to listen.